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Default Backhoe Boom Cylinder Pin & Hose Routing Problem, L-35

L-35 Backhoe Boom Hose Routing Problem

Problem caused by less-than-attentive sons of older previous owner. Dad wanted hoses replaced, sons were in a hurry and lacked interest, did a poor job. Multiple causes not the least of which included oversupply of liquid lubrication and bad attitudes.

Lets see if I can describe this problem without a photo.

Hoses into backhoe boom leave valve bank and sweep through an S shape (inside a protective fabric sleeve) at entry into boom to points south.

The hoses wrapped in the fabric sleeve travel beneath the linkage attachment point for the boom-lift cylinder located inside the boom itself.

The hoses are wrapped like snakes inside this S shaped passage under the cylinder attachment point instead of being laid in evenly, resulting in constrictions and possible hose kinks and mash-points.

The boom itself if attached to the horizontal swivel plate by two (upper and lower) greaseable bushings and pins.

So, my friends, what happens if I lay the boom out flat with a support...

Between the boom and the dipper stick joint?
Under the boom only?
At the end of the dipper stick near the bucket?)

...under it and drive out the pin holding the end of the inside-boom cylinder?

Doing this would allow access to the all the hoses so I can reroute them smoothly.

Having never done this Im concerned about 1,000-pound surprises and things separating with a jerk and a bang and falling even though supported.

What can I expect to happen when the cylinder pin is removed?

Anyone reading ever done this and have advice?

Should the pin be hard to remove or if boom is supported should I expect to find the tension off and a sweet spot so the pin just slides out (pin is cross-bolted one end to hold it in position).

Is the cylinder rod going to retract or extend resulting in the holes not lining back up for reassembly?
And why would it?

Id sure appreciate any insights into how to proceed and still have all nine fingers and intact boots when finished.

Questions, comments welcomed if 'picture' isn't clear.

Yours in the best possible pathway to righteousness of proper hose routing,

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Default Backhoe Boom Cylinder Pin & Hose Routing Problem, L-35

Any advice from Vic or eserv?

Gentlemen, I apologize; I'm going to try moving this post back to the top hoping for input.

I don't like surprises involving large metal pieces and this looks like it could become one.

Hopin' for helpin'...

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Default Re: Backhoe Boom Cylinder Pin & Hose Routing Problem, L-35

Here are my thoughts. If you fully extend the stick and bucket then lower the boom to the ground it will be supported. You should be able to slowly move the control and see when the slack comes into the boom cylinder pin. When you get the sweet spot shut it down and remove it.

When it comes time to install it if you have the lines hooked to the cylinder you will be able to extend or retract it as needed to line the pins back up.

I don't see any real problem but here's my advise for you. Think the job thru before you do it. Make sure that you remove only what you need to. If you think you are getting over your head then ask for help. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

I hope I understood your problem right and that this will help you out. Let me know if I was wrong and I'll try my best to help you further. Good luck and be safe.
AMSOIL, protect your investment.
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