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trying to disassemble the hydraulic control lever of my Kobota B1600 because it is broken. Anyone any experience? Any clues, or caveats?
I've been working on a D1005 in a B2320 tractor. It was very hard starting but once it warmed up it ran smooth. I had the valves machined and resurfaced the head. The issue is there are no timing marks anywhere! My timing method is to put a straight piece of welding rod into the glow plug hole. On the intake stroke while you rotate the engine hold onto the welding rod until it reaches TDC and adjust your valves (.006-.007) intake and exhaust. Most of the diesel kits cost from $50 to $500. The adapter is really the main issue since the glow plugs are 8mm x 1.0 thread. All of the kits came with a 10mm adapter but no 8mm and without the schrader valve your gauge will not accumulate pressure. I have several snap-on adapters with the schrader valve so I decided to turn one down. I also welded up an injector so I could get a tight seal. Now I can diagnose one of these engines in minutes and know exactly what I'm working with.
I've been living on your rear remote write up.. :) Reread it every constantly as plans change. Most recent version is they send the wrong size banjo fitting, so I was looking at the 90 degree for the 3 PH. From what I gather Kubota's 90 is unique and fits in there. They have one locally for $7 so might try that instead of waiting for banjo. (Or bolt..., Summit uses a 3/8 banjo instead of 14 mm, and then includes a different bolt.)

Just curious where abouts in Michigan you are, I'm in Coloma. If you were close enough I would have bought you 12 pack of Dr. Pepper before I started this project for a chance to look at your work. :)

Thanks for all your detailed information,
I know the B2650 is gone, but I've been researching a LONG time..
Looks like you would have been a bit far for a Dr. Pepper run. :)
Thanks Again,
Evening Mike...

I dont get around as much as I used to, sorry I missed your note.

The 90 under the seat is a very tight fit. Its why I searched for the banjo fitting and it worked perfectly.

I am in Grand Ledge, not too far away from sheepfarmer.

I do love Dr.Pepper!

RTV 1100 - Overheating -

OK, I have cleaned out the radiator, both air and water, Cleaned the screen. The Fan is WORKING when system get hot. I changed the Antifreeze, and The Thermostat, and the BELTS, the Motor is Sparkling clean also, BUT after about 5 minutes the Temp goes HOT HOT, the overflow is steaming, and I shut it down. OK and I also removed the Muffler and cleaned it out, and left it off, and tried the unit, and it still overheated. Only Thing left is water Pump, any other suggestions ??
you may have a leaking head gasket allowing compression into the cooling system.
I heard on the radio the other day that IL had lowered their plate fee for trailers, I went to their web page and all they list are recreational trailers, I wonder if that includes flat beds/car haulers?
Have 2 trailers with TC plates (8,000 pounds) went from $65/yr to $165/yr. They may go down next year but once politicians get your $$$ do you think they will be satisfied with only $$
There are 4 things I would like to fix on this T1760

1) Replace sealed bearings on the deck mower,
2) fix the throttle - the engine idles from normal to very slow and back to normal constantly when I am in fast mode. If I go to slow mode then it just stalls. Not sure I can tell much difference between Fast mode and full choke.,
3) The front axle is quite loose, now quite sure where to start with this,
4) the headlights do not work and there seems to be a couple of loose wires that need to go somewhere. There are wires to the light switch, but a "spare" red and a "spare" brown are just dangling around that area. The red has an end to fit someplace, but the brown needs an end to be added.
Thanks to all for any advise / help / information you can provide.
I have the Engine Service Manual for FD501V, Operators Manual for T1880 (it seems similar to T1760) and operators manual for T1770 (it also seems similar to the T1760 - this manual was given to me by my local Kubota dealer)
Hi My name is Louise. I have been widowed almost 5 years. I have a Kubota BX 25D with loader and shovel, and a T1760 Lawn Tractor. My husband purchased the BX25 new in 2012 and I purchased the T1760 used in May 2021.

I have learned how to operate the BX25 and am having fun exploring and learning new things. The T1760 is 22 years old and needs some work that I would like to figure out and do on my own.
PS I have never changed the oil in my car, nor changed a tire in my life. So I really am a novice.
Since getting this I have, removed a tire (it had a slow leak) and put the new one back on. Bought the sponges and put them on where they were missing, added a missing spring under the seat, replace the air filter, had the dealer replace the PTO belt, do an oil change, replace the fuel filter.
There are 4 things I would like to fix on this T1760. Since I am running out of my max 1000 characters – I will do a second post for the rest.
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Hello davidmem

I am right off 42 in Cheshire. If you do find a place to rent a 3 pt tiller please let me know. I have been wanting to redo our lawn and all the comments on OTT seem to indicate the tiller is the best implement to start with.

Hello -- I saw your post about a large capacity alternator. I have seen a kit for my B2601 to take it from 14.5 AMP to 40 AMP. Do you know of a larger one? Thanks,

It looks to me like the only one available for the B'01 series is the 40 amp. The 60 amp appears to only be available for the large B with cab (heat/AC).
I have a bx2360, 2 actually. One mows like a Ferrari, but the other looses power terribly when under a load since I got it 4 yrs ago. I’ve checked changed and cleaned from the tank to the governor. Where can I get info/video/advice on adjusting/repairing the governor? Engine is great, but I believe that has been “tinkered” with by the previous owner. HELP???!
I have a M5700 I purchased second hand. It's been a good tractor. Today while baling hay. I lost power to my baler. My power plug has no power. I can't locate the fuse panel. Where is it located?