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Default Clutch Yes or no? B7100 HST

1994 B7100 HST 4x4, new model. Serial series 71380. 1344 hours, but the meter hasn't worked in years. I have been reading the archives and think I am more confused now than before.

When depressing, what I assume is the clutch to engage the mid mount mower, there is a noise, like something vibrating. When I release the pedal, it is quite like normal. Bake in my 64 Chevy, that was indicative of a throwout bearing. When I try to engage the mower, the mid mount PTO for the mower deck grinds a little bit before going into gear. Not seriously grinding but not slipping right in. I would like to correct this before it gets any worse.

Reading the forums I have found some replies stating there is no clutch on a hydrostatic transmission and others saying there is. There certainly is what seems to be a clutch on the left side that is used for a starting safety switch and to engage the mid and rear pto.

I read about greasing the grease fitting in the hole on the left side under the tool box, and will do this when I go back to the farm Thursday.

Clarification would be appreciated on what you think the problem is. Worn out clutch?

Is there a complete kit kit available to overhaul the clutch, pressure plate etc... or do I order parts individually. 66905-13300 I believe is the clutch according to my parts manual.
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Default Re: Clutch Yes or no? B7100 HST

I can't answer all of your questions, but yes, it does have a clutch. It engages and disengages the pto and the hydrostatic pump.
How quickly are you trying to engage the pto after depressing the clutch? If you are doing it pretty quickly, things haven't stopped spinning inside, and can grind. If that's not it, you can adjust the clutch- has that been done since you have had the tractor? It may be as simple as adjusting the clutch.
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Default Re: Clutch Yes or no? B7100 HST

I agree with Hodge. The noise you hear when you put the pedal in is probably the throw out bearing and you'll need to split to change it. Up to you but I'd let it get worse for a while. The grinding as he said and just needs a change in operating procedure or a little adjustment. See how much free play the pedal has.

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Default Re: Clutch Yes or no? B7100 HST

I use 3 different tractors that do that. I throttle back to idle before pressing the clutch and it stops the "growl" on all three machines. I assume it is the pilot bearing (bushing) is worn and allowing the input shaft/clutch disc to vibrate. The throw-out bearings I've heard go bad all had a more gravelly sound, not this growling/howling.
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b7100 hst, clutch, mid mower, pto

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