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Default Re: uh oh... hydraulic oil leak hst

Originally Posted by dggott View Post

I thought you were supposed to check it hot. Good to know. And good to know about equipment being on the ground. Now, do I have to use Kubota's hst fluid, or can I use something I can get locally?

the dealer told me there's a breather- shaped like a horseshoe- just a piece of rubber hose, right near the fill and dipstick, but I don't see it for the life of me.

Breather on a BX is on top of the three-point cover right over the rock shaft. It is a small red plastic cap about 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter. You do not have the curved hose breather.

The BX rear axle shaft seal can almost be installed by hand so it does not take much for one to get caugt and pulled out. The bigest thing about installing them is to not have oil on the outer surface of the seal or in the axle housing when you install it. Needs to be a dry fit. Aslo a small bead of sealer on the inside of the lip helps greatly.

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