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So I drained the hyd fluid, cleaned filter, pulled the tractor apart installed new disc, clutch, and release bearing and it still will not go into gear while running. The clutch linkage is adjusted all the way out.
I have a troubleshooting question about my L1500DT. I'm having problems getting it into any gear once it warmed up. Going into gear not running is fine and I can start it in gear and will drive fine, cannot change gears.
Good evening. Are you still active on here?

I saw your old post about the charge relif valve blowing your hydraulic filter. Did that fix your issue? I'm having the exact same problem.
Hi there; Your contact came up in a thread from back in 2011 about a Kubota L170. I recently picked one up here in southern California. I have some questions and could really use a service manual. These are so rare here that answers and materials are hard to come by. If you can help please let me know. Thank you!!
aloha, I am new to the forum I am trying to revive our b7100 I was wondering if anyone out there knows of generic oil,air and fuel filters that can be used on the b7100
Good Morning SDT, I am new this this forum and new owner of a used B1750. I read a post you had commented in about locking the deck in the high position. Can you detail that process out for me as I would like to lock out so I can use the 3pt independently of the deck. Thanks for your help in advance.
My friend I take it you are one of those lever guys, that loves them and shoots them.
Picked up my Used (60hr) B2601 FEL / BH70 this evening. 9/27/2020
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Late response, but just wanted to wish you best of luck with it. 60 hrs I don't consider new. I consider it worked out all the bugs for you...;)
Hello Lance. You just responded about a b7100 left fender. Let me know how much. I would also like some pics of it if possible. Also can it be shipped??? Thanks
I tried to find the tubo extension on Amazon but no luck. Do you have brand and cat. number? Looks like a neat deal to keep that black soot off the loader. I looked at flex exhaust extensions but could not find 1-1/4", smallest was 1-1/2". Thanks in advance.