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Default How to remove pulley from 44" deck?

I have a deck that has 2 of the 3 spindles with bad bearings.

I have the bolt off of all 3 [figured I would replace all the bearings at the same time].

I am having no luck removing the pulleys.

I see the keeper but have no clue as to how to get any of the pulleys off.

I have tried PB Baster, heat....I do not own a pulley puller. ..However it seems as though they are on so hard that I may damage the pulley.

Any suggestions on how to get these off and then how to replace the bearings would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: How to remove pulley from 44" deck?

Others here may be more help than I. Please post your model number and a parts schematic if you have it.

If--and it is an 'if'--yours is like our ZTR we had to remove the blade, unbolt the entire quill assembly from the deck, lift it out to work on it, and wound up holding the quill in a vise and beating the heck out of it to drive the sheave off the shaft. Heat might help but beating a hot shaft might ding the shaft or sheave too bad to resuse if not careful.

In retrospect and if doing it again I'd find a hydralic press to more gently push it apart in a more controlled manner.

You mention you can see the keeper so I assume you've got it (spring clip, 'E' or 'C' clip, key, what?) removed?

Might be time to invest in a sheave puller / remover or borrow one from O'Reilly's maybe (some NAPAs too).

I finally figured out that washing the decks off with water was killing my quill bearings. Started using compressed air and haven't had a bearing failure in ten or twelve years.

Please post back with your experiences so we may all learn.
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