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Default Re: occasional coolant smell- normal?

Originally Posted by Grouse Feathers View Post
ShaunRH It sounds like you might have a problem, maybe the thermostat or a bad radiator cap. The cap should just be letting the expanding fluid trickle out to the expansion tank. If its blowing out you have too much pressure, the cap is sticking or spring is weak.
No, it was a mildly blocked radiator. It caused an overheat condition. I was cutting tufted grass with my rotary cutter and just enough of the little 'fluffy' tufts got through the screen and plugged enough of the cores to make it overheat. There is not much cooling overhead on these units. That is why I said to never assume it was a minor thing. Stop and check it out.
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Default Re: occasional coolant smell- normal?

I had it out this weekend and I can still smell the coolant. The overflow reservoir had coolant maybe 1/4 inch above the low mark, but the overflow tube was cold as was the overflow coolant. So it was not blowing hot coolant through the vent or overflow reservoir. With the hood up and engine running maybe 2000 rpm I can smell coolant around the left side of the engine, but can't see any leaks. Hoses were dry including around the clamps.

I went ahead and filled the reservoir up to the full line and made sure the radiator was full (it was).

I'll check the levels over the next few weeks and report back.

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