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Default Re: Sealing the Propeller Shaft Ball Joint

Originally Posted by North Idaho Wolfman View Post
The newer models require the joint to be covered because the HST unit, right behind the joint, has a fan on it, so water/ debris will get blown directly into the joint, yours does not have that fan or that issue.

I have a 40+ year old B7100 here with more hours and abuse than you can ever imagine and that joint has zero wear, and no it does not have the fancy 4 little tabs on the washer either, just a round washer.

Why yours wore out so quickly is anyone's guess, but I highly doubt you'll use it enough to wear it out again!

Hey it's your tractor do whatever you want, I've just tried to explain that your worried about things that don't need worried about!

I will grease the heck out of it and go with it Parts are to be shipped today.

In my haste and curiosity during disassembly of the ball joint, I did not note the direction of how the smaller yoke, propeller shaft yoke, was installed. The shear pin hole is offset to the ball bearings so the direction of the smaller yoke install can change the propeller shaft length a bit.

Any idea which is correct?

For some reason I can not post pics. I even reduced the file size... I will email them.
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