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Default MX5200HST Three Point Hitch Won't Lift

Yesterday I was foolishly backing over a big pile of giant yaupon limbs and one took out the compression return tube. I was able to remove it, bend it back into shape, and re-install it. However, as part of re-installing, I swapped two of the hoses that go from the control block to the FEL. One hose had a green piece of tape and another had a green dot on it with a white piece of tape. I matched up the green dot to green dot. Everything seemed to work fine (but I didn't do anything with the three point as it was already all the way up) and I drove the tractor out to level ground to double check the fluid level. Once there, I topped of the fluid and then started the tractor up and ran the FEL through it's full range of motion to bleed it. I then tried to raise the 3 point and it wouldn't move.

I spent hours tracing through lines and double-checking everything. I finally pulled up the schematics for the FEL and saw that the green dot did not go with the green dot but with the green tape. I swapped those hoses and the 3pt was good to go.

Posting this in hopes of helping someone else some day.
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