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Default Re: 3 Point control lever

Originally Posted by dirtydeed View Post
Your three point will work better with weight (implement) attached. There is only lift pressure (no down pressure) on the three point hitch. So, only gravity is working for you in the down position.

Check to see if there is a black knob under the front of the seat seat or down on the floor. That is the drop rate control knob. Opening up the valve will allow your three point hitch to drop faster (or drop without an implement connected). It also controls the rate (speed) of dropping a mid mount mower deck. It often gets overlooked and sometimes needs to be lubed.
I found that and cracked it open but not by much. My problem is that the lever reaches a hard spot and does not go past that to lower it. It has done this periodically since we got it last fall but up until last week when we bought a new tiller we never really played with the 3 point or belly mower lift. The mower is off and in the garage. Having this problem led me to find the bent lever. I think I just might be missing something. We used it this winter to mainly to move snow in the drives. Thanks. Roger
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