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Default Re: uh oh... hydraulic oil leak hst

It's held us so far, but have only run it a couple of hours. I did talk to the dealer (40 miles away and we don't really have a trailer, plus I'm sure they'd charge her a couple hundred to pull the cover and axle, then they'd want to replace everything while they were in there. He did say that if it comes out again, clean it up and put some locktite (however it's spelled) on it. I think I like the Teflon tape idea a little better. I'd done a post a month or so ago about whether it hurts anything to overfill the hst, since she did (she checked it cold and not running). Everyone seemed to think no problem. The dealer said that one of the things that could have caused it would be if too much pressure built up and blew it out. So, now I guess that overfilling CAN be an issue. She probably lost a quart (well, it seemed like a gallon) between the time it started, the time I saw it, driving 1/2 mile back to the house, and sitting overnight. Now the level is just right. lol
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