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    L235 Valve Stem

    Hi guys I have a slow leak around a valve stem on my L235. I started looking and found they have valve stem that can be replaced without breaking the bead of the tire. It seem like it will be a lot easier and cheaper than bringing it to a tire shop any I can get "4" for $20. I was wondering has...
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    L235 Gear Identification Plate

    Hi guys does anyone know where I can find the plate that tell me what gear I’m in on a L235. I bought the tractor and I’m unable to make out the gear numbers being that they are faded beyond recognition. I looked on eBay and several tractor part websites with no luck. If anything can some one...
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    L235 Oil Pressure

    Hi guy I was wondering what is the operating oil pressure on a L235 is? The gauge when I bought the tractor was broken, when we got her running I changed out the gauge and it shows 60 psi when I first crank it up. Thanks.
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    L235 clutch adjustment??

    Hi I purchased a L235 that has been sitting up for a while. We got her running but the clutch sometimes doesn’t disengage all the way when the petal is fully pressed. Every now and then it will disengage all the way but it’s not consistent. I was wondering if there is anyway to adjust the clutch...