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  1. Magicman

    Went Tankless

    I decided to replace the LP water heater at the Cabin with an electric on demand tankless heater. So the tank has to go. After pumping it out the old heater made it to the back porch. This is a 240 volt unit requiring #6 wiring and a 60 amp breaker. I made room for the additional breaker by...
  2. Magicman

    Mini-Log yard

    Even though my primary service is portable sawmilling and I have not been in the "selling" business, I do occasionally get calls for Cedar lumber. So now I am setting up a Mini-Log yard. I have a few dozen more Cedar logs and some Walnut logs that I will add to the "yard".
  3. Magicman

    A Busy Saturday

    We started off by adding a Pat's Cat2 Quick hitch to John Deere, (Kubota already has one) and then it was off to the woods. I am/was needing some White Oak for bridge decking so this tree in the center will be the donor. Trimming, marking, and bucking. The butt log was bucked 18' and the rest...
  4. Magicman

    SSSSSnakes !!!!

    Yesterday during our annual July 4th trail ride and scavenger hunt a Grandson spotted this Timber Rattler. Someone generally sees one every year and the standing instructions is to take pictures but do not get off of your ride and do not mess with it. Video:
  5. Magicman

    Independence Day 2020

    We will have our shirts and flags but our focus will be on family fun and good eats. Drum Chicken. Don't lift da lid while they are cooking. And then they go into a styro cooler until ready to serve. And then it is time for our 7 mile trail ride and scavenger hunt.
  6. Magicman

    M4900 Fuel Petcock Position ??

    My M4900 Operator's Manual shows two fuel petcock positions: Off - horizontal, and On - vertical. The fuel petcock on my 2005 model M4900 has 3 positions: horizontal, vertical, and on around to CCW horizontal. It was CCW horizontal when I got it which is where it still is, but I wonder about...
  7. Magicman

    Flag Day

    I raised my three U.S. Flags this morning. Thank You Veterans past and present.
  8. Magicman

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Or maybe more properly called Remembrance Day. A time for us to Remember and to Thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom.
  9. Magicman

    Spring is Springing

    Here anyway. Mowed the lawn twice, red and green Maples leafing and the Wisteria is showing out. Smells good too!! ;)
  10. Magicman


    Got ours today, filled it out online, so I suppose that we have been properly counted. :rolleyes:
  11. Magicman


    In another topic somewhere (probably Health & Safety) I mentioned that I do portable sawmilling and promised a few pictures. Kinda hard to describe each picture in the thumbnails, but anyway... Me with a nice Cypress cant on the sawmill. A whack of lumber stickered and drying, Tree length...
  12. Magicman

    Coffee Anyone??

    I do, generally 2 cups per day unless I am sawing and I then miss my afternoon cup. The wife doesn't drink coffee so it's a simple matter for me to use canned loose ground. I recently found this single cup Hamilton Beach maker that I really like. (I'm sorry but I still can't find an option...
  13. Magicman

    Health and Safety

    Safety is always of the utmost importance especially when working with and around equipment so maybe we need a place to not only share Safety Issues but also General Heath items that we all encounter. I had Total Knee Replacement surgery on November 18 and six weeks later was discharged with no...
  14. Magicman

    White ain't always Snow

    We have had White Daffodils for about 3 weeks. The Yellow ones are just beginning to show up.
  15. Magicman

    Loosing Memory

    At times I guess that we all wonder if we are loosing it?? :eek: I reckon that the best part about Brain Farts or maybe more properly called Cranial Flatulence is that at least they don't smell bad. For now I don't have Alzheimer's. I have Halfheimer's because I can remember about half of...
  16. Magicman

    Happy New Year 2020

    So what are your Orange Plans for 2020??
  17. Magicman

    Not Home for Christmas

    Everyone wants to be Home for Christmas and there is even a Christmas Song about it, but the fact is that everyone is not able to be home with their families for Christmas. There are family members and even OT members that are not where they would really like to be today. We have a Grandson...
  18. Magicman

    Christmas Meal ??

    We had the Traditional Turkey for our Thanksgiving meal and will have Ham for New Year. That leaves Seafood Gumbo for our Christmas meal. That plus various "finger foods", chips/dips, candies, cookies, and desserts. What say you??
  19. Magicman

    Parts Manual

    It took a month but I ordered a Parts Manual for my "new to me" M4900 from Coleman Equipment and it arrived yesterday. I was very pleased. Nothing came with the tractor but I now have the Operators Manual, Parts Manual, and WSM.
  20. Magicman

    Hood Latch Woes

    I went out this afternoon to take a look at my fuel injector wetness "problem" and the hood unlatching rod was disconnected from the latching mechanism. Da wigglin' pin had come outta da wobblin' hole! With the hood latched and no way to unlatch it, I was in a sorta situation. I didn't want...